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In 2020, Nurses have shown the world just how vigorously they care for the wellbeing of others and have demonstrated outstanding determination and compassion. The World Health Organization (WHO) has dedicated this year as "The Year of The Nurse".

At Dialysis Care Center we are celebrating the hard work and bravery of our Nurses through our #DCCHeroes campaign. Our organization will the celebrate the month of May by sharing some inspirational stories from some of our very own Nurses. These stories generously shared from  our Nurses will highlight their journey and motivation as to why they chose to become a Nurse and ultimately a #DCCHero.

Each week we will share unique and inspiring stories. We will continue to add to our listings and would love for you to continue follow along and learn more about their stories.

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Our clinics have shown us how they’re wearing their masks and now we want to see yours! Beginning Tuesday, April 21st through Thursday, April 30th, Dialysis Care Center will be hosting #rockthemask campaign. Here’s how it works:

  1. Like us on Facebook or Instagram 
  2. Post a picture of yourself or your group wearing your mask
  3. Tag us @dialysiscarecenter with the hashtag #rockthemask


Make it fun with funny add ons or show us your neat print, we wanna see it! We’ll continue to share some of the best we receive.
Campaign is open to all and is family-friendly. We’re in this together!

See how we #rockedthemask