Dialysis Equipment

The Fresenius 2008T can be utilized for acute, as well as, chronic hemodialysis therapy. It is designed to provide treatment through controlling both dialysate and bloodlines at one time. The “T” provides a means of setting treatment parameters and monitoring the status of those parameters and the patient’s status overall during the treatment. The “T” is also able to track vascular access and adequacy during this time. Its easy-to-operate touch screen user interface also allows documentation of each event and patient status during each treatment through a simple toggle between screens. Aside from these functions, the “T” can also collect solution from the patient’s dialysate.

Modalities: In-Center Hemodialysis

The NxStage System One is typically used for chronic hemodialysis patients who opt for home therapy. Aside from the convenience of being compact and the ability to use standard electrical systems, the System One allows users to dialyze on their own schedule in an environment of their choosing. It is additionally user-friendly as it utilizes a simple interface and comprehensive self-tests before each treatment.


Modalities: Home Hemodialysis

The Baxter Amia is used as a chronic treatment option for peritoneal dialysis patients. The Amia was designed with patient ease of use in mind, as it is the first and only PD system equipped with voice guidance through an entire treatment. With this machine, patients may perform dialysis on their own at home using guidance from a touchscreen that features full-color animations. Additionally, the Amia assists users in troubleshooting with its thorough help features.

Modalities: PD (Peritoneal Dialysis)


The Baxter HomeChoice Pro is typically used to perform chronic peritoneal dialysis treatments at home. This machine requires no needle-usage or dialysis care partner. A patient can independently perform their treatment at any time of day, even during sleep. Additionally, the portable dialysis unit makes travelling simple as the machine is lightweight and space efficient.

Modalities: Peritoneal Dialysis (PD)