Holiday Tips for Loneliness


As we continue to navigate through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s holiday season looks and feels different for everyone. Travel restrictions, limitations on gathering and a heightened sense of awareness for each other’s well-being, has brought unforeseen challenges during a time usually filled with cheer and joy.

The sacrifices we have all made during this unusual year and the struggle to find normalcy as holiday traditions must be adjusted can bring a feeling of loneliness. Left unchecked these feelings can quickly turn into depression, commonly called the Holiday Blues. For dialysis patients, this combination of feelings can be enhanced as they are reminded of their own limitations and the adjustments they and their families continue to make for their safety and their health.

For those who have begun to experience these feelings, following these few tips can assist in combating and limit their Holiday Blues and loneliness.


Be Good to Yourself

While it may not completely undo the feelings of loneliness, taking some time to focus on yourself with some self-care can be essential during difficult times. Observing self-care can help you feel better and enjoy your solitude more.

Whether you complete the tasks you’ve been putting off, treating yourself to an at home spa treatment, curling up with a good book, enjoying a hobby, or learning something new, doing something for just you goes a long way for your mental health.


Connect How You Can

Just because you cannot physically gather, does not mean you are alone. Finding creative ways to spend quality time with your loved ones can bring joy, happiness and a sense of normalcy to this unusual year. Utilizing technology to arrange a Zoom or Skype call, social-distanced hangouts or phone calls can shorten distance and reinforce connections and feelings of closeness. 


Rethink Expectations

A major reason for the feeling loneliness may be because of the social and personal expectations that are set for this time of the year. The holidays are often a very busy time with parties, exchanging gifts, and gathering. The absence of these can magnify the feeling of being lonely when the expectations are set for the standard of schedule during the season.

It is important to understand that it is okay for these expectations to be modified and focus on the time now presented to slow down the normal season hectic pace of life. You now have less stress, less commitments and can prioritize the things and people most important to you.