"I became a nurse because I was inspired by nurses. In November of 2016, my mother went into cardiac arrest. After 35 minutes, the paramedics were able to resuscitate her, but in the hospital she was intubated and sedated, the doctor in the Emergency Department giving her only a 5% chance of survival. She was transferred to the ICU, and the doctors there did not give us much better news. Our family was devastated. I stayed by my mother's bedside around the clock, afraid that if I left, I'd lose her. The nurses in the ICU treated me like family. They gave me reason to hope. They brought me food, drink, and extra pillows and blankets, knowing I wasn't going anywhere. They embraced me when I cried, and they told stories of their own families. I truly felt like they cared about me and my mother.

After seven days, my mother was extubated. She was breathing on her own, and had no signs of brain or heart damage. The nurses in that ICU cried along side of me as we heard the seemingly impossible news. She was transferred to the cardiac unit seven days later, and still, the ICU nurses came to the unit to check on me and my mother.

My mother made a full recovery - she left the hospital and was able to spend a few more years with her precious grandchildren. It was during that time in the hospital, however, that I decided I wanted to be a nurse. I would not have made it through that time if it wasn't for the love and care they showed me. I take that memory with me as I enter the clinic every day. I hope to be a loving memory of the families that I help take care of, providing them with the love and comfort they need during times of illness."

Megan, RN